Winning partnership between SWAP-Europe and Invicta

Wood and pellet stoves: a healthy market

While the French market for domestic wood heating appliances experienced a slight decline in the previous year, the popularity of wood and pellet stoves among private individuals helped to drive the market up.

Also, when Invicta, leader on the French heating market meets our service platform with a strong network of approved installers and the ability to connect the actors of a whole ecosystem, the outlet can only be promising !


Signing of a SWAP-Europe partnership agreement - Invicta

If the objective of this partnership between Invicta and SWAP-Europe signed in July 2020 is to be able to offer to the final consumer a “turnkey” solution (the product + the installation at a price defined at the time of the acquisition of the product), the advantage for SWAP-Europe is double: to be able to increase our offer of services to our partners while answering the current needs of energy modernization of the market, ecological recovery plan of more than 20 billion euros of the Prime Minister Jean Castex in head.

Finally, as a reference player in the non-electric division heating market and present in more than 40 countries, Invicta, by relying on our platform, can further consolidate its position in the DSB circuit.

A unique device: the digital platform created by SWAP-Europe

At the center of this new ecosystem is a unique platform designed by our teams. Designed to measure, its performance enables all resources to be centralised and optimised between the various players in the sector.

A system that now enables each player in the business to be put in touch with each other and which offers everyone the possibility of accessing their specific needs in real time, whether it is a question of tracing a product, tracing back a history, or connecting to the network of service providers.

But IT cannot do everything. It is also thanks to our network of RGE Qualibois-approved installers located throughout France that manufacturers can now go beyond the simple supply of equipment by offering the installation of wood products, a genuine value-added service.

The consumer accompanied in his steps

Poêles à granulés

To complete the offer, SWAP-Europe accompanies the final consumer on his rights and takes care of his administrative steps on 3 types of aids: Maprimerénov’, the Tax Credit for Energy Transition (CITE) as well as the Energy Saving Certificates (CEE)

This win-win partnership should therefore allow us to strengthen our position in an environment that never forgets to be competitive!