Business development: a SWAP – Gardena agreement on the installation of robot mowers

Robotic lawnmowers: a growing market

The market for garden tools is really expanding, the market for robotic lawnmowers is not in crisis. Robotic mowers are increasingly popular with garden lovers, says Olivier LeTreste, European marketing director at the Swedish company Husqvarna, the undisputed leader with an 80% market share. “Sales jumped by 64% in 2019”

A spectacular progression that Gardena, the Group’s brand, wants to consolidate by developing with Swap-Europe a proposal for commissioning by specialists, as installation is still often complex.

It is in the context of this business development approach that an agreement has just been signed between the famous German brand of garden tools and our service platform.

New technology tools: from mechanical to electronic problems

As a partner of Castorama for the installation of Mac Allister (Castorama Group) and Workx (Positec Group) robot mowers, Swap-Europe has developed and strengthened its skills in the installation of these small machines available in garden centres and DIY stores.

But between the laying of the cable, the delimitation of the mowing area, the programming, the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AIA), and other innovative technologies embedded in these new generation tools, the device brings its share of electronic problems that both the end consumer and the distributor do not always know how to solve.

On the strength of its experience in this field, our platform has been able to develop a complete and effective range of adapted responses.

Swap-Europe: our experience, our skills, our confidence


Recognised and consolidated practical skills that have inspired confidence in Gardena, which from now on will benefit from our “Castorama” experience as well as from our network of approved installers trained in the specifics of our customers’ products, a training service, a hotline that handles calls from end customers and, finally, a management platform.

Enough to make an ever more noticeable breakthrough on the lawn of garden owners.